Marvellous Merino

I absolutley adore our giant knit merino blankets, they're silky soft on your skin, super cosy and look fantastic draped across a bed or chair. They are the perfect snuggly accessory for the cold months, but there is much more that makes these blankets special! Here are my top five reasons why you need a merino blanket in your home:

1. It's 100% natural

Meaning it's not only environmentally friendly, sustainable and biodegradable; it's also brilliant for anyone with chemical sensitivities!

2. It has insulating properties

Meaning it will keep to nice a toasty on those cold winter mornings!

3. It's stain resistant

Meaning you can easily remove those little stains with a clean cloth and some mild diluted detergent!

4. Odour resistant

Merino blankets are handwash only, but don't let that put you off! Not only are they stain resistant, they are odour resistant too.

5. It's naturally elastic

This makes it great for draping over the end of your bed, or artfully hanging on your cosy arm chair. It's the perfect display piece!

Head over to our online store to get your hands on one of our hand knitted merino blankets, and find out for yourself just how brilliant they are!

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